Welcome to the Werribee Rifle Club Inc. 
The Werribee Rifle Club Inc. which is situated some 7km out of Wyndham Vale on the Mackereth Rifle Range at the Werribee International Shooting Complex.
The club is open to members of the public and offers the opportunity to shoot a fullbore rifle in a controlled environment that is in a location close to Melbourne.
The Werribee Rifle Club Inc. provides for three main fullbore shooting disciplines,
Target Rifle,
F-Class and
F-Class Open
We shoot targets in the prone position (lying down) or using a benchrest and we use single shot purpose built target rifles.
The purpose of this site is to provide information for intending visitors to this great rifle range, and for who might be considering joining our rifle club.
Target shooting is a very challenging and enjoyable sport, with a rich history and has world-wide participation.
Fullbore target shooting is attractive to all ages and we welcome both youth and experience - we celebrate the active participation of our oldest member who is 83 years and still competitive.
Our contact details can be found on the Contact Us page.
Thank you for visiting.

Werribee Rifle Club Inc.

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