Range Operation
The Werribee Rifle Club Inc. is generally open on most Saturdays for shooting, which usually starts at 9 am.
Please check the Events Calendar for more information.
The Victorian Police Rifle Club also offers weekday shooting at the range.
During operation, Red Danger Flags are flown when firing is being conducted.
On arrival all shooters and visitors must sign the Range Register and if carrying firearms, members and visitors must ensure that the bolts are removed.
After each shot is fired, the target, which is mounted on a moveable frame, is pulled by the target marker who is positioned under the target protected by an earth wall or mantlet. The marker will place a spotting disc over the hole to indicate the position of the new bullet hole to the shooter. Each time a shot is fired, the previous hole is covered by a patch and the spotting disc is moved to the new bullet hole.
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