What is Fullbore Target Rifle Shooting
Traditionally, fullbore target rifle shooting involved shooting single shot precision shooting using 'iron' aperture sights with each shot carefully scored and analysed. All shooting is carried out at stationary targets consisting of a black circular aiming mark on a white square background. The shooter must judge the wind strength and direction and release the trigger without disturbing the aim. Today, fullbore rifle shooting uses .308 or .223 calibre target rifles, shot over distances from 300 to 1200 yards. 
Whilst maintaining the traditions, modern target rifles are at the forefront of precision technology. As with any other sport, shooters maintain their physical well-being, alertness and most importantly, mental control in peak condition. Magnifying telescopic sights are permitted, and today, the disciplines include Target Rifle, F-Class F-Open and Benchrest disciplines.
Target rifle shooting is one of the few sports where people can genuinely complete on an even basis regardless of age, sex, fitness, or physical disability. In open competition, shooters are graded only on ability. In State and National teams or individual events women compete without discrimination alongside men, teenagers alongside octogenarians, and perfect physical specimens alongside those who have had triple cardiac bypass surgery.
"Target rifle shooting is not age specific, nor gender specific and nor do you have to be an able-bodied individual to do it. I think that's one of the peculiarities of our sport"
Most sports have a number of innate qualities that attack participants. These qualities, being the desire to compete, the mastery of a challenge and companionship may all be found with rifle shooting. Target shooting also offers a deeper level of involvement for those with a practical or mechanical bent where you may find an extra challenge in the maintenance and turning of equipment. Those with a scientific mind may prefer experimentation and analysis of technique and psychology. Indeed the self-control and discipline required to become a marksmen differentiates target shooting from most other sports. An adrenaline surge or an attack of self-doubt at the wrong time can be costly in competition. Target Rifle Shooting is also non-adversarial, you compete against yourself.
Entry to the sport is through rifle clubs which provide basic training, practice competition and social interaction for the recreational shooter. Rifle shooting is one of the safest sports where firearm safety and use is a paramount consideration on the rifle range. It is reasonable to expect that firearms safety education should assume a similar importance to water and road safety education. No person who is under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs is allowed near the firing mound. Regardless of your attitude towards firearms, participating in competitive target shooting is undoubtedly the best way to learn firearm safety.


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